New Service! Waste Management

03. 21. 2024

We offer our customers consultations of waste disposal, and we also pick up and sort all generated waste in Latvia.

We accept these types of waste for disposal:

  • Waste of woodworking and the manufacture of paper, cardboard, pulp, plates and furniture
  • Waste of leather and fur treatment and textile industry
  • Waste of the manufacture, preparation, supply and use of coating agents (paints, varnishes and glazed enamels), adhesives, bites, putties and printing inks
  • Waste of refining petroleum products, natural gas treatment and pyrolytic coal treatment
  • Waste of packaging (paper, wood, plastic, metal);
  • Waste of absorbents, wipes, filter materials and protective clothing;
  • Waste of construction and demolition (including soil excavated from contaminated sites)
  • Waste of human and animal health care and related research
  • Miscellaneous hazardous waste;
  • Photographic waste

Atkritumu izvešana_Delamode Latvia


Our company handles worn tyres in different diameters.


It is important to carry out appropriate collection and disposal of hazardous waste so that hazardous waste doesn’t cause problems. Therefore, dedicated disposal points have been set up for hazardous municipal waste, as well as a hazardous waste management service is offered.


Recycling and disposal of organic and inorganic waste, medications – destruction of drugs as well as primary and secondary packaging, COVID – destruction of 19 reagents and tests.

Atkritumu izvešana


Disposal/recycling of PACKAGING WASTE:

  • Paper and cardboard packaging;
  • packaging of plastics (including Peta (polyethylene terephthalate));
  • Peta packaging
  • wooden packaging;
  • metal packaging;
  • glass packaging;
  • textile packaging

Price offer – for volume reaching at least 1000 kg, we offer one of the most competitive prices in Latvia!

If you want to know more information, contact us here.

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