Delamode Latvia is expanding its electric vehicle fleet

03. 07. 2024

With its moderate annual growth, Delamode Latvia’s need for managed transport also increases. Looking ahead and embracing a “green” consumption philosophy, Delamode Latvia has made a significant stride by adding an electric Renault car to its fleet, designated for cargo distribution within Latvia.

Delamode Latvia is increasing its fleet of electric vehiclesCommitted to minimizing environmental impact

The transport sector is recognized as a significant contributor to global pollution. Therefore, Delamode Latvia takes its responsibility seriously and, in alignment with the Delamode Group’s broader sustainability initiatives, is actively working towards implementing its environmental policy.

“A year ago, we initiated the use of fuel from residual materials in some of our trucks, and this year, we’ve turned our focus towards the electrification of our transport fleet. Our ambitions go beyond the annual goals set by the group; at the year’s start, we launched a project with support from the Lithuanian Energy Agency and the EU to install electric car charging stations by our warehouse. These stations are available for use by our employees and freight drivers. Looking forward, we plan to install 10 such stations near our office and aim to transition approximately 50 employee cars to electric vehicles,” shares Justas Veršnickas, CEO of Delamode Group.

An eagerly anticipated project this year has been the introduction of an electric vehicle into our transport fleet, aimed at servicing part of our cargo delivery routes in Latvia. This vehicle will be used for delivering a variety of cargo, including packaged and hanging garments to shopping centers, direct to retail stores, and facilitating “last mile” deliveries to customers.

Electrification of the fleet is an essential and necessary advancement

Delamode Latvia autoparku papildināja 1 jauns elektriskais Renault Trucks E-Tech transportlīdzeklis

“As a conscientious business, our goal is to operate as sustainably as possible, minimizing our impact on the environment. With a clear vision and strategy, we are moving towards clean, efficient transport,” Justas Veršnickas explains.

“Our push towards sustainability is also driven by our customers, who value environmentally friendly delivery methods that minimize CO2 emissions,” states Edgars Cernenoks, Managing Director of Delamode Latvia.

Market trends are steering us towards innovative tools and methods, prompting Delamode Group to set a goal of reducing local transportation CO2 emissions by 75% by 2030, aiming to achieve a successful “Net-Zero” strategy by 2033.

Delamode Latvia autoparku papildināja 1 jauns elektriskais Renault Trucks transportlīdzeklis

The 52 kWh batteries of the Renault Trucks Master E-TECH model allow for approximately 190 kilometers of city driving on a single charge (according to the WLTP methodology), with batteries that can be fully charged in just over 2 hours at 22 kW DC charging stations.

Equipped with advanced features such as an 8-pallet capacity tented body and a remote-controlled rear lift, the vehicle combines optimal functionality with environmental sustainability.

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